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Nick Cheesman
                          video editor

Nick edit suite_2a.jpg

Hi, I'm Nick and I love nothing more than helping people tell their story, whether that be a local charity, school or business. I enjoy being involved in all types of creative media and spend a large chunk of my day editing, designing and generally being creative.

I've always loved stories and storytelling. From subjecting family and friends to radio plays on a tape recorder as a kid, to running around with a borrowed camcorder creating short films for anyone who would watch, to filming and editing at youth camps and showing the results to 600 kids at the evening events, to writing middle-grade novels.

Looking ahead, I'd love to get my novels read by more people and be a part of creating a gritty film that makes a real difference to a business or a charity.

What I can offer is edit support, coming alongside production studios and freelance editors alike, helping overcome bottlenecks. I will slot effortlessly into your team. 








Alan Matthews
Director & Vision Director

Cutting Edge Media, Hampshire

“Nick did a really
great job working with us on this project and he fitted in well with the team.”

Andy Hutch
Creative Director & DP

London, Worldwide

“Nick is quick
at his job
and is a gent.
Hire him.”

Rob Wilson
Video Editor & Producer

Printrooms, London

“Nick has provided invaluable support in extending my edit capacity across multiple projects. He’s been flexible, easy to work with and quick to fit into current workflows.”

Sonia Philips

St Matthew's Sch, Tunbridge Wells

“I was very impressed with the service that Nick provided from start to finish, capturing the ethos of our school brilliantly. We have had nothing but positive feedback. I thoroughly recommend his
professional service.”
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